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I am an artist, specializing in the fine arts and photography. I host private showings and also sell my art online and in small, local businesses. I work in a wide range of styles and mediums and am happy to take commission work. 

Art for Sale

Find my flamingos for sale at the Sarasota Breakfast House, in downtown Sarasota, FL!

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My Palm Fronds @ Sarasota Breakfast House


One day, while walking my dogs, I looked down and saw a Sabal Palm frond. I imagined it as a whimsical creature. I took it home, painted it and hung it up. Inspired, I painted more and currently have them for sale at the Sarasota Breakfast House as inexpensive, souvenir art. 

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I was recently awarded favorite artist by the Sarasota LGBT community! It was an honor just to be nominated for this!

Some Extras

Photographic portrait of Caribbean Christian Dior Shubert.

As an artist, I enjoy working in most mediums for 2D art. I have just started sculptural works and jewelry. I will take commission pieces, please contact me as to your interests and pricing. Also, I can do custom framing and furniture refinishing as well. 

About Me

My Background


As a child, my parents encouraged me to explore my creativity in both  the visual arts and dance. Unschooled, I dove into any medium that I could get my hands on; paint, clay, woodworking, fabrics, etc. My love of the arts never faded. I still enjoy working in different mediums and find that my choice of medium, depends on the subject matter. 

My Medium

This is a watercolor, "Nude in Sepia" 2001. I used only 1 tube of paint in creating this (Sepia).

I use many different mediums, such as watercolors, acrylics, and pastels. I believe that working in a single medium is restrictive to my artistic process. Each idea manifests in its own individual style, so my works vary.

My Inspiration


I'm inspired by what I see within my subject, normally through the eyes, which are windows to the soul; the beauty, joy, pain, passion.